In a world where women are told what they can't do, we are here to do it better than you!!

The Elite Woman's Mission:

We are the women of Elite CrossFit. We are mothers, grandmothers, wives, girlfriends, sisters and daughters. We are secretaries, CPA's, students, teachers, community leaders, professors, and coaches. We are a family of females, driven by the goal to be better human beings. We achieve this through fitness. We will lift, jump, run, swing, press, squat, throw, pull, snatch, clean, row, win, lose, and climb our way to the top! We will never give up. Ever. We are here to send a powerful message that beauty and confidence are found through strength. And we are strong. To all the ladies who are scared of a barbell, to those afraid to sweat, and to all the women who have sufficed to "girl pushups," we challenge you to take the leap; adequate is not our goal. Better is what we must be. We will push each other, compete, succeed, fail, and endure pain some men may not imagine. And we will do it everyday, so we are better than we were yesterday.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

welcome back

welcome back to me!! my apologies for the hiatus from blogging, but i am making my comeback. though my blogs won't be daily, they won't be bi-annually either. i am back to share with you things that are going on, things i think are cool, and aything worth mentioning to all my xfit ladies out there!! coming up on february 13th, elite is having 2 teams and some individuals compete at crossfit central in the fittest games. we are going to represent and turn some heads. click the link for more info.

classes at da box are growing, and quickly!! as a gym, we are getting new equipment weekly. as a company, we have new members almost daily. we are offering new class times at da box, new class options, and a variety of kickass coaches here to help you get better! to anyone interested in joining, our first course is an on-ramp course, offered twice a month, where you will learn the fundamentals for crossfit and get acquainted with our programming. for more info on on-ramp, to sign up, or suggest a buddy signs up, click here.

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